Welcome - Houston Bikeway Program


The City of Houston offers over 300 miles interconnected bikeway network spanning across 500 square miles. The network includes bike lanes, bike routes, signed-shared lanes and shared-use paths, commonly referred to as ‘hike and bike’ trails, which includes rails to trails, and other urban multi-use paths. In addition to these bicyclist transportation facilities, there are over 80 miles of hike and bike and nature trails found in City of Houston parks. In addition, Harris County and many municipal utility districts have constructed over 160 miles of bikeways within the City limits. 


The City of Houston bikeways are important transportation facilities for bicyclists, but they can also serve as great recreational opportunities for those seeking exercise. Commuter cyclists travel on designated bikeways and merge onto bicycle-friendly streets to complete their journey. This website provides valuable information to help Houstonians and visitors navigate all of our bikeways, but also how to become a better cyclist. Remember, as a cyclist, it your responsibility to operate your bicycle in a predictable manner and in adherence to all traffic laws, and always be courteous to everyone while on the trails, pedestrians and runners have the same rights of access to the off-street bikeways too.